Suffolk Downs Thrives Under the Leadership of Bill Mulrow

Posted by Admin | August 1st, 2013

Better known as Suffolk Downs, the Sterling Suffolk Racecourse is the largest thoroughbred racing venue in New England. Bill Mulrow serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Suffolk Downs and provides guidance and oversight for this sporting venue. Suffolk Downs has a long and illustrious history with some of the greatest racehorses in the sport. Seabiscuit is perhaps the most famous alumnus of the track, but other famous equine visitors include Funny Cide, Top Row and Cigar. Suffolk Downs was the first track in the country to establish a zero tolerance policy for the slaughter of aging racehorses. Owners and trainers who violate this policy will incur a lifetime ban from the course.


Suffolk Downs has played host to some of the biggest names in musical entertainment and culture. Elvis Costello, the Beatles and Aerosmith have performed there. More recently, the Cirque du Soleil appeared on numerous occasions to delight and amaze audiences with their incredible feats of physical skill and legerdemain.


Under the leadership of Bill Mulrow, Suffolk Downs has reestablished itself as a leading venue for racing and for charitable events. This new focus on equine welfare has led to the creation of a permanent home for retired racehorses in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Horses receive veterinary treatment and are often available for adoption as pets by loving owners. By caring for these veterans of the racing scene, Bill Mulrow and the Sterling Suffolk Racecourse can provide a graceful retirement and a well-deserved rest for these beloved animal heroes.


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